Rapid Development Solutions are web assets built in a short time; typically between 3 and 30 hours. These are possible when no content development is required as the client provides all the material “print ready”.

Useful for simple company websites, personal blogs, events publicity and  product or service specific landing pages.

If you need a web presence in a hurry and at a minimal cost this might be the solution for you.

Premium Solutions are professionally project managed solutions that typically require a high level of content development and multi-disciplinary co-ordination.

Custom functionality, premium theming, aggressive SEO management and targeted social media activity are frequently associated with this type of web asset.

Development time ranges between 30 and 300+ hours depending on the size and functional requirements.

We build online commerce solutions in many different sizes, crafted and customised to meet your specific needs; from single product rapid development sites to trading platforms with hundreds of thousands of products requiring professional project management and extensive training.

We offer ERP integrations, inventory management and warehouse management systems in addition to a multitude of user experience and back-end features.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of a website depends on three types of costs; fixed costs, development costs and maintenance costs.  These in turn depend on the type of website to be built; rapid, premium or e-commerce.

Prices range from ZAR 3,500 (Euro 175) to as much as you are willing to spend.

By many people.  All our projects are project management driven. One central, dedicated accounts manager interfaces and collaborates with the client and the appointed specialists such as web designers, graphic artists, writers, engineers and programmers to cause an asset to be constructed to the client’s specification, on budget and on time.

A Southrand website typically begins life in one of our sandboxes. During the sandbox phase our engineers and technicians have control. Once they are fully satisfied that the asset behaves as it has been designed to do, it moves to an incubator. Once in the incubator the content development team takes over from technical until it is ready for testing, at which point the project manager takes control of the completed web asset and co-ordinates testing and handing over procedures with the client.

Anything between 3 hours and many months, from the first time you contact us.

No. We are a design and development company. Websites should be hosted in trusted environments recommended for your region. We build all websites on our servers and move them to their final destinations once the client is satisfied with the product and able to take over the maintenance of the asset.

However, we do host sites at standard rates for short term rapid development sites when required. (Anything under a year is considered short term)

Our Data Centre is located in the European Union and is administered from our office in Lisbon, Portugal.

Yes – but not often. We build websites and platforms so that our clients can take care of their own assets without having to rely on third parties. However, in special cases, we do offer maintenance.