Rapid Dev Solutions

fast track development

The greater number of websites on the Web today are what can be classified as rapid development solutions. Typically they are “web presence” marketing tools associated with social media accounts, newsletters and product news blogging. Most are under 30 pages, use stock photography and graphics, do not require custom coding and are unlikely to change the content frequently.

This type of website does not require dedicated project management as the client is expected to provide all the content “print ready”.

Quick cost estimate

To get a ballpark figure of what Southrand Digital charges for this type of website use the following values;

Server Setup & Design Fee = ZAR 1500.00  (Euro 82.91)   |   Theme License = Up to ZAR 1000.00  (Euro 55.27) (Optional)

Standard page construction: 1 Page = 1/4 Hour*   |     1 Hour = ZAR 500  (Euro 27.64)

(*) This averaged rate applies for 100% “print ready” content provided by the client: If the content requires formatting or the page contains multiple elements this rate may reduce to 1/2 or 1 hour per page.